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Detail About How To Apply

We welcome everyone to join our education foundation which is hosted completely FREE of charge for anyone interested. Due to limited space, we do have to select students for each program to ensure that we do not overcrowd the classrooms. As such, we have a selection process where we look at every applicant’s application and select students who suit the DRCEF programs and community. We do also have virtual lessons that are open for everyone without any limits.

When you apply to study at the foundation, we do our best to put you in a class that is relevant to your level of understanding and with students of similar age group. This helps build community and thus helps with learning amongst students.

Education Services

We are an education platform that provides teachings on the DR Congo History, Heritage and Culture.                        

International Hubs

We are based in the UK but we invite international experts to provide content for our courses and education platform.


DRCEF has a curriculum where we provide students the ability to gain a certificate covering vast topics about the Dr Congo.


The DRCEF is hosted at established schools, colleges and universities across the UK to provide students the optimal environment to learn.

The Application Process


Start Online Submission

Download the application form and complete each relevant section.


Submit The Form

Send the completed form to


Review The Submission

Our team will review each applicant and get back to you asap.

Things To Know

Our curriculum courses are located in and around London, if you live further afield, please contact the office to review your options. We also provide online content for remote learning.

When To Apply?

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