Know Us Better


DRCEF's History

Welcome to the DR Congo Education Foundation, a Congolese-led educational platform dedicated to providing quality education for the Congolese diaspora on its history, heritage and culture. We were founded in 2019 by the desire to provide the diaspora with locations where they can receive a structured historical education on the DRC. This is important and fundamentally necessary for building a people that is in connection with their country, have strong patriotism and a clear understanding of what it means to be Congolese. We are driven by the collective belief that there is a more inclusive way to transform the lives of Congolese diaspora and ultimately the DRC which we believe is through education.

Our belief is that situational vaccination is more effective than medication as it deals with the potential issues before they arise, and we believe that this vaccination is our education. By proactively educating ourselves and in particular the younger generation, we are raising up effective leaders and change makers in the diaspora, building their patriotism and self identity in the DRC to support the many projects and movements taking place in the DRC and for the DRC. In order to therefore significantly improve, the focus should be on education. As a man once said

“Education is the Most Powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela.

DRCEF attempts to tackle just that, founded from the belief that education is fundamental for any substantial change for the DRC and its people.

Our Mission

Educating a generation on the historical foundations of DRC to encourage patriotism and the understanding of what it means to be Congolese. We believe that we can all play an important role in improving our country which through the historical education, we are able to learn from our past in order to better our future. Through our programs, we will support the development of the Congolese diaspora.

DRCEF's Principle

Our 7 Principles are:

  1. Encouraging contact between students and the foundation
  2. Encouraging active learning
  3. Respecting diverse talents and way of learning
  4. Developing reciprocity and cooperation among students
  5. Giving prompt feedback
  6. Promote time-management skills
  7. High expectations

Key Of Success

In order to be successful, students should aim to follow the 5 keys to success:

  1. Communicate with instructors
  2. Accept Responsibility
  3. Be Present
  4. Don’t Quit
  5. Do Your Best

Our Facilities

We invest heavily in our facilities to ensure that our students have access to a great environment to help them succeed in their work and learning. We host our courses and classes at top facilities around the UK to inspire students and promote excellence within the DRCEF program.


Upon completing our certification courses, we host a graduation ceremony where family and friends are welcome to celebrate your achievement. Our graduations are hosted at an undisclosed location with an invite only entry. Food, Drinks and Entertainment will be provided throughout the day as we celebrate the new DRCEF Alumni’s.

Powerful Alumni

Our Alumni network offers free and lifelong membership to all former students and staff of the DRCEF. The community of Alumni have a powerful network base where they are able to draw of expert skills and exclusive resources. We host an Alumni meeting yearly and invite connect Alumni with existing students for mentorship.