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We don’t just give students an education and insight into the Congolese history, we help them truly understand what it means to be Congolese and to rediscover their Congolese identity.

About Our Foundation

Welcome to the DR Congo Education Foundation

We believe that the value of knowing ones history is a moral responsibility that liberalises the mind, deepens the sympathies with fellow compatriots and thus fortifying the will that enables us to grow as a people. Access to education is, therefore, the key needed to unlock the truths of Congo’s history, heritage and culture.

Education Services

We are an education platform that provides teachings on the DR Congo History, Heritage and Culture.

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International Hubs

We are based in the UK but we invite international experts to provide content for our courses and education platform.

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DRCEF has a curriculum where we provide students the ability to gain a certificate covering vast topics about the Dr Congo.

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The DRCEF is hosted at established schools, colleges and universities across the UK to provide students the optimal environment to learn.

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Take a tour of DRCEF and to view who we are what what we are about. The video will take you to most aspects of the foundation.

Self Development

Why Choose DRCEF?

Learning about history provides a sense of identity which is one of the main reasons that history is still taught in schools around the world. 

Being able to understand your country, where you come from, how your people evolved and developed over time gives a sense of belonging. When an individual takes it upon themselves to dive deep into their own peoples history or family’s history, they can begin to understand how and why different group behaviours are form through customs and culture and also a sense of pride in any significant achievements ie: the Congolese contribution to modern civilisation, art, music, sports etc.

Self Development

The study of history is a non-negotiable aspect of better citizenship. This is one of the main reasons why it is taught as a part of school curricula. 

For example; If a foreigner wants to become a citizen, most countries have what’s called a naturalisation process.

In the UK for example, their process is that you need to prove that you understand English, Welsh or Scottish (depending on where you live in the UK) and you need to pass, what’s called the Life in the UK test which asks questions about the UK laws, legal system and other historical details of life in the UK.


We truly believe in the power of coltivating a good community as a means to aid learning. Being able to connect with other Congolese natives and building a community of people with a shared background is something we take very seriously.

We therefore ensure we provide opportunities for people to connect with one another via trips, social visits and social media groups. 


The DRCEF is excited to announce the arrival of the DRCEF Alumni.

This is a new community platform for DRCEF’s alumni. It is a place where we celebrate our Alumni and the only place online where you can find, and connect with, all DRCEF alumni.

All alumni are automatically enrolled!

Family Support

Families are an immediate support system, it is therefore critical to consider their involvement when it comes to learning and aspirations. We work to encourage family support and engagement in education.


We recognise that simply providing access to resources is not enough. Mentoring can help improve attendance and motivation and thus maximising their learning.

Empowering Spaces

We recognise that poor infrastructure and unsafe environments often act as direct barriers for education. We deliver projects, where possible in places that make everyone feel comfortable and safe

Donation helps us

DRCEF is a charitable organisation that relies on the generous donations of our Trustee as well as our supporters. Through your donations, we are able to continue to provide free content, courses and educational trips for our students and supporters. We believe in complete transparency which is why we publish our foundation financials on our website and during our annual report for anyone to view. We thank you greatly for considering making a donation to support historical education of the DRC.

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